Our Clients

In our two fields of expertise we provide services to different types of clients:


While we do know the “Private Client” business from the inside, we decided to primarily serve institutional clients and state agencies. Apart from that, we contribute to legislative projects related to the trust and offshore topic in Switzerland.

  • Financial institutions
  • Self-regulatory organisations
  • Family offices
  • Asset managers
  • Trustee and corporate services provider
  • Public authorities and state agencies
  • Professional and trade associations
  • Law firms


The non-profit sector in Switzerland is well developed and has a long tradition going back far more than 100 years. In the digital age, however, new challenges have arisen. Also, adjustment may be needed due to increased expectations of transparency.

  • Charities in all shapes and forms, including foundations, associations, trusts and cooperatives
  • NGOs and international organisations
  • Sports clubs and federations
  • Corporate responsibility departments
  • Family offices
  • Asset managers
  • Self-regulatory organisations
  • Professional and trade associations
  • Public authorities and state agencies
  • Law firms


We provide legal advice in particular in the following fields:

Legal Form

  • Trusts
  • Foundations
  • Associations
  • Cooperatives
  • Companies
  • International organisations


  • Financial markets regulation
  • Supervision of foundations and NPOs
  • Anti-money-laundering regulation
  • Tax compliance, FATCA / CRS
  • Data protection, DPA and GDPR
  • Cross-border


  • Criminal litigation
  • Civil litigation
  • Legal and administrative assistance
  • Regulatory proceedings and enforcement


  • Corporate governance (domestic and international)
  • Foundation governance
  • Outsourcing
  • Fiduciary and custody framework
  • Family office


  • Incorporation and reorganisation of social enterprises and corporations
  • Establishment and reorganisation of foundations, associations and NPOs
  • Global expansion of social enterprises and NPOs
  • Social franchise/license
  • Winding-up and dissolution
  • Strategic consulting and business development
  • Corporate social responsibility and impact advisory

Case and Project Management

Not only will we provide subject matter expertise to your project or case managers, but we are also willing and able to take responsibility for a part of your project or case.

We are able to manage your smaller projects and cases entirely. Or, as part of your PMO, we may work with your inhouse resources or collaborate with other service providers.

While we are familiar with “agile” project management methods, we believe that the approach must be determined for each project individually — carefully taking into account the circumstances and targets of the specific project.

Selection of typical projects and cases:

  • Regulatory and internal investigations
  • Pre-litigation case management
  • Litigation related investigations
  • Regulatory projects
  • Business development projects
  • Compliance projects
  • Tax projects
  • Client reviews and regularisations
  • Corporate governance reviews and reorganisations

In- and Outsourcing

Apart from supporting you as an external partner, we are open to enter into closer ties with you.


We send our employees to you to work for you in accordance with your directions — this may be a viable option for projects with specific deliverables and timelines.


We operate as your legal department. Or, you delegate compliance functions to us on a long-term basis — AML compliance or DPO functions may be good examples for an outsourcing solution.


When it comes to shaping a corporate culture and making sure the internal processes are effective, training is an important element.


We can provide standard e-learnings, or we’re happy to support you with developing your own proprietary web-based trainings. –> Webshop

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You may also wish to assess existing know-how or behaviour, or to measure the success of a project or training.

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching requires a higher level of engagement of the participants to maximize benefit. These can be highly customized and are preferably in smaller groups, or 1:1.

Classroom Training

The traditional method. We recommend groups of 10 to 20 participants, preferably with similar levels of knowledge.

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