We are a non-traditional legal services provider. We specialise in trusts and non-profit matters. We are practitioners with an academic background. We have strong case and project management capabilities. We collaborate with specialists in- and outside the legal field. 

How can we help?

Compliance by Design

We provide strategic advice so that your business development initiatives take the relevant regulatory landscape into account from the outset. We review, design and implement business processes and policies to comply with regulations such as:

  • Anti-money-laundering legislation
  • CRS / automatic exchange of information
  • Data protection legislation / GDPR
  • Prudential supervision of trustee and corporate services providers
  • Non-profit regulation.

Complaint and Conflict Management

Conflicts with clients and regulators cannot always be avoided. They quickly absorb considerable amounts of resources. You can hand over these cases to us. We’ll find an efficient solution that allows your people to stay focused on doing business.

Business Support

We advise your business, compliance or legal departments on an ongoing basis. We provide temporary staffing or may assume roles such as Chief Legal Officer, AML Officer or Data Protection Officer.


We train you and your employees so that the compliance processes are fully understood and become part of your business’s DNA. Methods include classroom, workshops and e-trainings, as well as 1:1 sessions, including with c-suite and board level executives.


Our experts have extensive experience as board members of, and advisors to, Swiss domestic and international non-profit organisations. We have many years of first-hand know-how of the trustee and company services business (both bank-owned and independent). Supplemented with several years working experience as in-house counsels, project managers and compliance officers with major financial institutions our team is up for any challenge.

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At Alithis we make sure that our clients are benefitting from the know-how of True Experts. We do more than tell you what the law is, we implement. We help translate it into your business, thus increasing your revenues, your impact or both.

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What our clients say

The strategic decision to manage this demanding process [Trustee license] together with Alithis has proved successful in every respect. Marc’s practical and solution-oriented support was crucial for the quick approval and we are glad to have Alithis on our side also for the future.

Beat Haering, CEO at Carey AG

Marc has been working for Aiducation for many years and has, among other things, been absolutely instrumental for setting up the legal framework of the entire Aiducation alliance. Over the years, I got to know Marc as a very smart, knowledgeable, warm-hearted, pragmatic, and far-sighted business lawyer willing and able to tackle every legal or business challenge confronted with. His communication skills are excellent. It’s a huge pleasure to work with him.

Florian Kapitza, Founder and CEO at
Aiducation International, Dr. sc. ETH

Marc is a seasoned cross-border law practitioner. An expert in corporate and tax matters, he pays full attention to every detail of a transaction, enabling optimal results. I had the pleasure of retaining Marc more than once and can fully vouch for his proficiency as a corporate lawyer.

Luis Raúl Valdez Saavedra, Principal at Omaha One Capital