The Name

Alithis is greek (αληθής) and means “true”.

True Experts

According to Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the Ancient Greeks distinguished between techne (craft, know-how) and episteme (science, know-what). For Nassim Taleb, it is know-how that makes a True Expert (The Black Swan, 2nd edition, Random House, p. 146).

At Alithis we make sure that our clients are benefitting from the know-how of True Experts. We do more than tell you what the law is, we implement it. We help translate it into your business, thus increasing your revenues, your impact or both:

  • We think holistically and are well aware that in life and business, compliance with laws and regulations are always to be considered, but not as the only relevant factor.

  • We solve problems our clients cannot solve themselves, be it due to a lack of expertise or resources.

  • We are hands-on and are not afraid of getting them dirty.

  • We help you in making the right decision, or we can even be part of the decision itself.

Sense and Respond

Accelerating technological progress, a shrinking world due to globalization and increasing regularization are just some of the reasons why doing business is becoming more and more complex.

We believe that the recipe to success is being able to respond quickly to changing circumstances. Instead of trying to predict and control, successful organisations need to be attentive and dynamic.

We at Alithis, are our clients’ sentinels on the compliance, legal and regulatory side. Where necessary, we help our clients adapt dynamically by:

  • Keeping compliance close to business.

  • Designing business processes in a far-sighted but flexible way.

  • Enabling your people to do business in a compliant and efficient manner.

  • Training and establishing a culture of compliance.